What some participants have to say about FIT Seminars:

“Very well presented, was able to field questions with clear answers that will and already have proved useful, I look forward to attending more FIT Seminars”
B. Corkery, Fox Harb'r Resort

“Great content, very informative”
P. Welton, Port Pub Bistro

“Learned a lot to put towards my business, Will come back for more in the future ”
J. Inch, Jays Three Holdings

“Very good, well worth the money.”
J. Brownell, Atlantica Hotel

“One of the most informative seminars I have been to, excellent!”
J. Ogilvie, Brightwood Golf & Country Club

“Excellent, Well worth it”
S. MacDonald, Brightwood Golf & Country Club

“Content was clear, concise and valuable”
R. Gillet, Bras d'or Lakes Inn

“Valuable content that will be easy to apply”
A. Desaulniers, Brightwood Golf & Country Club

“Creative ideas, very personable, knowledgeable and professional”
C. Marshall, Municipality of the County of Richmond

“Lots of content but not overwhelming”
K. Potter, Moonrakers Pub/Liquor Store

 “Would like all the staff to attend”
K. Ruchty, Fox & Hounds Neighbourhood Pub

“Very informative. Came out with all sorts of new ideas”
R. Barore, Camrose Resort Casino

 “Very interesting and helpful. Looking forward to implementing this information into my schedule.”
J. Musser, Sunset Grill Restaurant & Pub

“Very useful and informative. Opens your mind to other ways of doing things”
T. Hamaoka, John B Pub Ltd

“Would come back and recommend to others”
J. Lung, Queen's Cross B&W

“Strong mix of practical and theoretical”
M. McCulloch, Liquor Depot

“Very Thorough”
A. Koverko, Fox'n Hounds Pub

L. Dyer, Carstairs Golf Club

“Very good, concise and well delivered”
D. Bisset, Lavtor Holdings

F. denHartog, Camrose Resort Casino

“Very complete and detailed”
D. Reneau, The Fox Den at Athabasca GC

“Great content, lot’s of information”
V. Zhang, Sherlock Holmes Pubs

“Very positive, well worth the training time”
M. Kalin, Duke's Pub

A. Knott, Black Bear Neighbourhood Pub

“I enjoyed my first experience… I look forward to the next one”
T. Potter, Moonrakers Pub/Liquor Store

“Very good communicator that liked to get everyone involved.”
Christine Musclow, Manager, The Mongolian Village

“Very interesting. The topics were everything that everybody wanted to know about.”
Julie Rondeau, General Manager, Herb’s Restaurant

Andrew Taranowski, Owner, Marlowe Restaurant

“Invigorating and Exciting!”
Vanessa Willis, Manager, McGinnis Landing

“Very Positive. I have learned a lot today.”
Jane Watson, Manager, Bertoldi’s

Trevor Phillips, General Manager, The Mongolian Village

“Excellent seminar with interesting ways to document and get the message across.”
Laine Servos, Hospitality Manager, The Hamilton Club

“Excellent. It was interesting and geared to our industry which is definitely a bonus.”
Janice Divincenzo, Bar Manager, CANLAN Ice Sports

“Great! Really enjoyed it – again.”
Lin Yeomans, Concession Coordinator, City of Mississauga

“Extremely helpful and useful.”
Marianne Grguric, Owner, Stoney’s Bar & Restaurant

“Motivational – It is good to have someone say what steps to take and show how to implement.”
Christine Wilson, Owner, Joe Tomato’s

“Very helpful for the tasks ahead of the club.”
Jonathan Grant, Toronto Cricket, Skating & Curling Club.

“Very informative and thorough”
Dylan Greer, Kitchen Manager, The Mongolian Village

“Great. Extremely positive. A new perspective in an industry resistant to change.”
Tina Buconjic, Manager, McGinnis Landing

“Enjoyed, worth the experience. Will recommend to others!”
Joe Klages, General Manager, Northern Dunes Golf Club

“Very helpful information and will be put to use in many situations that I will encounter.”
Heather Kelly, Bar Supervisor, Borden Golf Club

“Very informative, great ideas, new ways of looking at things.”
Brenda O’Reilly, Food & Beverage Manager, Stone Tree Golf & Fitness

Dianne Woodcock, Food & Beverage Manger, Pheasant Run Golf Club

“Excellent – Lots of ideas. Great…Focused!”
Martha Johnstone, Regional Sales Manager, Campus Living Centres

“Great Thank-You!! Looking forward to more sessions!!”
Jennifer McCullough, Clubhouse Manager, Granite Golf Club

“Would highly recommend this seminar”
Janet Lougheed, Manager, Duntroon Highlands Golf Club

"Well rounded information on a broad topic. Very Useful!”
Denise Taylor, Corporate Trainer, Shoeless Joe's

"(Seminar) was concise and informative."
Judy Schlupp, Manager, Frankie Tomatto's

"Valuable, What I was looking for."
Grant Clark, General Manager, Campus Living Centres

Paul Holowaty, Executive VP, Campus Living Centres

"Very Good, Thorough."
David Brossard, Rooms Division Manager, Embassy Hotel & Suites

"I would recommend this course and I will use the tools learned."
Michael Marshall, Chef, Windmills Café & Catering

"Excellent, a lot of useful information. Opened my eyes to a lot of options and possibilities."
Mike Bertoldo, Bar Manager, East Side Marios

"Great! Wish I learned some of these things years ago."
Dave Thomas, Executive Chef, East Side Marios

"Excellent, Explained everything in-depth. Accomplished what I came for!"
Franklin D'Souza, Manager, Sassafraz

"Amazing, Learned new methods to control labour cost."”
Will Ellis, Student Centre Manager, Durham College

"Excellent. I'm excited about getting to work implementing many of the ideas and systems covered today."
Andrew Moore, Regional Manager, Shoeless Joe's

"Thorough.  Covered the stuff you don't think about."”
David Quinn, Food & Beverage Director, Holiday Inn

"Fantastic! Very informative and enjoyable."
Stephanie Grant, General Manager, Lynn Meadows Golf & Country Club

"In-depth and detailed with good theoretical and actual examples."
John Beynon, General Manager, Bluff’s

"Extremely relevant – I liked that each step was explained."
Kerry Dunn, Sales Manager, Howard Johnson

"Very interesting and informative."
Natasha Wall, Administrative Assistant, Mount Sinai Hospital

"Very informative and innovative. I learned a totally new perspective…"
Brandi Button, Bar Manager, Canlan Ice Sports

"It was great, I recommend to other people."
Bill Yu, Owner, The Greens at Renton

"Very thorough, well related and covered all areas of my business."
Sarah Paulley, Catering Manager, The Festival Inn

"Extremely informative and interesting."
Adam Wilson, Receiver, Holiday Inn

"Very good overall information (very useful.)"
James Kirby, Food & Beverage Supervisor, The Festival Inn

"I look forward to implementing many of the ideas."
Dan Campeau, Bar Supervisor, Windsor Club

"I feel I have learned a lot of valuable ways to be more efficient at my job."
Rachel Marcy, Banquet Manager, Holiday Inn

"Detailed and practical, enjoyable and informative."
Paul Murray, Food and Beverage Manager, Holiday Inn

"Extremely informative, lots of new ideas to bring back."
Andrew Haacke, Manager, The Cage

Arthemise Lalonde, Operations Manager, Highwayman Inn & Conference Centre

"Excellent Seminar, Professional delivery."
Patrick Sharp, Operations Manager, Sheridan College Students Union

"Well worth the time and money, will recommend as well as am interested in taking more."
Brad Carby, Chef, Harrop Restaurant

"Very good — Found it very helpful and easy enough to understand."
Anna Rejante, Green Mango

"(I got) Methods for controlling both costs and staff in a manner that is conducive to our overall goals."
Marc Bosboom, Kitchen Manager, Woolwich Arms

"Very impressed, would recommend."
Russ Bonner, Business Manager, Saugeen Golf Club

"Very full and informative. Also gives hands on information."
Larry Cockshutt, Owner, McArthur’s

"Great job, very professional and will be a benefit for my restaurant."
Adam Walton, General Manager, Shoeless Joe’s

Debi Ireland, Restaurant Manager, Red Pine Inn

"Comprehensive and easy to understand."
David Herling, Kitchen Manager, Shoeless Joe’s

"Great experience. I like the fact that we are allowed to bring real experiences to the seminar."
Mike Marcolin, General Manager, QB Sports Grille

"Effective training aids to apply in my work environment."
Shannon Bradley, Food & Beverage Supervisor, Oshawa Golf Club

"I found the seminar very well done and presented. Smaller group made it easy to open up to the others attending. Good company and an enjoyable day."
Kathy Gordon, Food & Beverage Manager, Carleton Golf & Yacht Club

"Excellent! I would definitely recommend this course to others and attend others."
Sara Maveety, Director of Catering, Days Inn Kingston

"Excellent, very easy to see how this would work with my business. Very practical."
Darlene Greenhough, Bar Manager, Bay of Quinte Country Club

"Very useful - not just theoretical but also practical. Very pertinent to industry in real world."
Kim Schreader, General Manager, Golden Sands Resort

"(Seminar content) Has a lot to offer if you use it. Can save us a lot of money!"
Mohamed Yusuf, Executive Chef, Empire Grill

"Enjoyed thoroughly and would recommend to others."
Kevin McCrory, Kitchen Manager, Bay of Quinte Country Club

"Very informative. Info will be very helpful in our establishment."
Rose Trozzi, Food and Beverage Director, Holiday Inn

"Very practical. Tailored to group needs."
Bill Nesbitt, Curator, Dundurn Castle

"Excellent concepts. A lot of great procedures."
Peter Trajkovski, Restaurant Manager, Peller Estates Winery

"Touched on a high level of aspects needed to address problem areas."
Greg Lapaine, Head Bartender, London Hunt and Country Club

"Very informative and comfortable. I felt everything was covered specifically leaving me with no unanswered questions."
Rebecca Carr, Food & Beverage Supervisor, Best Western Highland Inn

"I learned a lot and was able to relate this knowledge to my training needs."
Lynn Pauli, Food & Catering Manager, WLUSU

"Very much appreciated the personal attention to (our) specific situations."
Margaret Pak, General Manager, Inpiazza and Dakotas

"I felt the content was bang on and thought it was simple enough for most to understand."
Joel Sisson, Director of Marketing and Purchasing, Shoeless Joe’s Restaurants

"Helped me a lot to understand about the labour costs and gives me tools to use at my work place."
Filadelfa Rosales, Kitchen Manager, Seneca College

"Great! Very comprehensive."
Pierre Wong, Chef, The Meating Place

"Very informative. (I got) A new drive to put things in place and to check all my existing systems to see what can be improved."
Ian Craig, Kitchen Manager, The Jeffery Restaurant Group

"Excellent, clear and concise."
Katherine Preney, Owner, The Meating Place

"Very informative and easy to understand."
Tracy Loughlin, Owner, Spiago

"There are many ways we can improve our business and we are now equipped to start them."
Erin Roncato, Chef, Spiago

"Fulfilled my requirement indeed."
Terry Dawood, Head Chef, Mill Run Golf and Country Club

"Concise and clear. Easy to understand with useful examples and tables."
Marco Tucci, Executive Chef, Hart House

"Very thorough. Everything was covered."

Phil Smith, Manager, Fleming College

"Excellent. I would recommend this and would send staff."
Nancy Bailey Brazeau, Chief Operating Officer, Niagara-On-The-Lake Golf Club

Alicia Pemberton, Bar Manager, Doffer’s and Arlington’s

"Informative. Reflected a lot of areas for improvement within our business."

Chris Graham, Kitchen Manager, Doffer’s and Arlington’s

"Thorough material that will aid in my management."
Scott Cleverdon, Manager, Bala Bay Inn

"Excellent. Worth every dime! Practical, no-nonsense advice that we can implement!"
Leslie Ljubicic, Owner, Loobies

"Excellent, would like to attend more. Have a better understanding of this precise area."
Jennifer Richardson, Owner, Loobies

"Excellent, I’d do another (seminar) for sure and would bring more people."
Tim Everett, Kitchen Manager, Paradiso Restaurant