Staff Training
Motivate your staff for higher performance! FIT Seminars offer a variety of training sessions designed specifically for front line employees. These entertaining and engaging sessions can be modified to support your current operational objectives and practices. Seminar content will be designed around your specifications or we can provide a standard package that will meet most operators’ needs. Sessions usually range from 60 minutes to full days and popular topics include:

Introduction to Customer Service – Understand what outstanding customer service is (and isn’t), how guests evaluate service, their role in delivering outstanding service

Steps of Service – It’s the little details that make a difference, role playing is used to highlight the key steps of service and to provide feedback and suggestions to improve service levels

Suggestive Selling – Enhance the guests’ experience, improve service and increase revenues, learn tools to help become effective at suggestive selling

Handling Complaints – Prepare to handle problems effectively when the occur, learn how to turn these potentially negative situations into positives that can win over your guests

Team Service Approach – Outstanding service can only be delivered with the support of strong teams, develop tools and strategies to improve the coordination and cooperation of your team

Gaining Loyalty – Loyal guests are better that repeat guests, they want to see you succeed! Understand how to earn a loyal guest and how it can benefit the organization

Personal Organization – Work smarter, not harder! Get more done in less time by improving productivity and performance

Promotional workshop – A fun and interactive workshop that helps staff understand and participate in the promotional and sales objectives of the organization

Dealing With Difficult People – Maintain performance and productivity while dealing with individuals who test their patience

"Very informative and easy to understand."
Tracy Loughlin, Owner, Spiago