Seminar Topics
After discussions with numerous industry operators, a variety of potential seminar topics were identified. Industry experts were then retained to develop a selection of seminars on core industry topics for FIT Seminars. You can search the menu of current and future topics by clicking on the topic categories below.

FIT Seminar Topic Categories Include:

Marketing and Promotions

Operations and Control Systems

Human Resources

Finance and Accounting


Marketing and Promotions seminars (back to top)

Creating Successful Promotions Updated Content!
Creative promotions will effectively build sales, increase loyalty and differentiate your operation.  Successful promotions don’t need to be costly or time-consuming.  You’ll be shown simple strategies to create a variety of promotional activities tailored to your operational needs.

After successful completion of this seminar, you will:

  • Build business and increase loyalty
  • Be able to create dynamic promotions with little or no budget
  • Understand how to develop a planning format/template for your business
  • Get the important buy-in of your team
  • Know how to avoid promotional pitfalls that lead to failure
  • Understand how to think strategically when implementing programs
  • Apply proven marketing concepts to sell your business

Community Based Marketing
Every business needs to be a contributing member of their community, but for some, their success depends in large part to the relationships they develop and the support they receive from the local geographic market. Community Based Marketing is a targeted approach to promotion that emphasizes the direct contact operators have with internal and external community stakeholders. 

After successful completion of this seminar, you will:

  • Understand how Community Based Marketing techniques can build your business
  • Identify internal promotional opportunities that already exist in your operation
  • Utilize your most important resource more effectively to help promote your business
  • Develop a unique strategy for targeting your local communities
  • Learn how to increase customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth promotion
  • Focus your marketing efforts to reduce cost an improve effectiveness



Operations and Control Systems seminars (back to top)

Controlling Food Cost Updated Content!
Effective managers maintain their food costs at minimum practical levels.  Learn to identify and correct problems quickly while taking proactive steps to consistently control food costs over time.

After successful completion of this seminar, you will:

  • Understand the underlying factors affecting food cost
  • Be able to accurately determine your true food cost
  • Identify strategies to reduce food cost
  • Balance the cost, quality and price pressures
  • Learn why higher food cost is not always bad
  • Develop programs to establish and maintain minimum effective food cost
  • Build teams to support your cost control efforts


Labour Cost Management and Planning
Employees are the key resource for organizations seeking a competitive advantage.  Achieve financial success by developing skills to minimize labour costs while enhancing team performance.

After successful completion of this seminar, you will:

  • Understand the various issues affecting labour cost
  • Identify and calculate the components included in establishing the true cost of labour
  • Develop labour plans and budgets that minimize waste
  • Create efficient schedules that provide greater management control
  • Improve operational flexibility and responsiveness
  • Make better use of your labour hours
  • Build employee morale and performance


Controlling Beverage Cost
Losses can grow quickly if beverage costs are not managed.  Small inefficiencies can lead to significant cost overruns.  Develop effective controls for all beverages to maintain margins and reduce the potential for liability.

After successful completion of this seminar, you will:

  • Understand the legislation affecting alcohol control
  • Be able to accurately determine your true beverage cost
  • Learn to track and control product
  • Determine appropriate pricing strategies for your operation
  • Assess and target cost variances
  • Identify strategies to reduce “bar scams.”
  • Develop programs to establish and maintain minimum effective beverage cost
  • Build teams to support your cost control effort


Outstanding Customer Service
Delivering a memorable guest service experience is a key requirement of leading operations.  Managers who are successful will differentiate their business and build sales over the long term.

After successful completion of this seminar, you will:

  1. Be able to define and measure service quality
  2. Learn how to build valuable word of mouth promotion
  3. Establish a service culture within your organization
  4. Develop a framework to achieve your service objectives
  5. Identify opportunities to win over customers
  6. Create recovery strategies for dealing with service failures
  7. Evaluate the cost of quality service



Human Resources seminars (back to top)

Find And Hire The Right People
Finding and retaining good employees in today’s labour market is a priority is for all hospitality organizations. Traditional methods are no longer as effective and managers must take creative new approaches to attracting, selecting and keeping talented people.

After successful completion of this seminar, you will:

  • Determine your true personnel needs
  • Identify creative methods to source good candidates
  • Understand what it takes to get top talent looking for you
  • Develop interviewing skills to reveal applicants who “fit”
  • Create a structure that will improve new hires’ chances for success
  • Ensure that new employees are integrated with minimal friction
  • Reduce unproductive turnover
  • Improve the quality of your team

Training Programs That Work
Competent and professional staff are essential to building your business. With proper training they can be your greatest asset. Learn effective and motivational training methods that will deliver outstanding service and directly affect your bottom line.

After successful completion of this seminar, you will:

  • Understand how to evaluate your training needs
  • Recognize wasted training costs in your operation
  • Understand the benefits of training as an ongoing process
  • Design training programs that get results
  • Have the tools to make training fun and memorable
  • Know how to avoid training pitfalls that can lead to failure
  • Improve your existing training or create new programs


Effective Management
Successful operations consistently and effectively execute the countless details required to provide their guest’s with an exceptional experience.  The management team must have strong supervisory skills to provide staff with the leadership, guidance and support required to achieve their service objectives.

After successful completion of this seminar, you will:

  • Be a better supervisor
  • Better understand the manager’s role and supervisory responsibilities
  • Learn how to plan for success every day
  • Develop persuasive communication skills
  • Create tools to improve performance and productivity
  • Improve your team’s focus towards achieving operational goals
  • Have less “fires” to put out

Employee Performance Management – NEW SEMINAR
Managers must complete tasks and achieve the objectives of the organization by coordinating the efforts of their employees, and so the operation’s performance is closely linked to the performance of their staff. Managers can develop strong employees that perform at a high level by using effective feedback and performance improvement methods.

After successful completion of this seminar, you will:

  • Understand how to identify and overcome common performance challenges
  • Develop appropriate tools to measure employee performance
  • Learn effective methods to provide proper feedback
  • Use goal setting as a tool to enhance motivation
  • Effectively address performance improvement and disciplinary situations
  • Improve your team’s overall performance level
  • Enhance your personal communication skills


Become an Effective Trainer
Training trainers is essential to achieving the greatest impact from your employee development programs.  Quality trainers reflect well on your organization and enhance employee performance.

After successful completion of this seminar, you will:

  • Acquire essential communication skills for training
  • Evaluate your role as a trainer
  • Understand the various ways that employees learn
  • Become a motivator instead of being an information provider
  • Deliver your message so that others will learn
  • Recognize and avoid common training difficulties
  • Improve the effectiveness of your training programs



Finance and Accounting seminars (back to top)

Financial Planning and Control – NEW SEMINAR
Operators must understand financial numbers and the impact of their decisions on the economic health of their organizations. With limited resources, strong financial controls will help to communicate the organization’s goals and ensure their long-term viability. The financial tools presented in this seminar will facilitate planning, control and performance measurement of the operation.

After successful completion of this seminar, you will:

  1. Appreciate the importance of financial controls and the budgeting process
  2. Understand how to read and interpret common financial reports
  3. Learn to develop effective budgets that reflect strategic goals
  4. Know how to link department and organization budgets
  5. Work with budgets in daily operations as part of a control system
  6. Analyze operating reports and financial statements
  7. Measure operation performance and troubleshoot


"Excellent. I would recommend this and would send staff."
Nancy Bailey Brazeau, Chief Operating Officer, Niagara-On-The-Lake Golf Club

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