About Us
For years, operators have had few options when it came to management training. FIT Seminars were created to provide owners and managers with access to practical and flexible training options. Our goal is to help managers to be stronger leaders and problem solvers. To help them make better decisions, and to think about how to optimize the outcome of any situation. FIT Seminars promote quality in hospitality management.

Quality service starts with quality people, and that begins with the management team. Hiring an experienced manager can be expensive, and provides few guarantees that the person will perform to the level and standards that you desire. Developing managers internally takes time and expertise that are not readily available. Often managers, our leaders, receive little training beyond our basic systems and procedures.

FIT Seminars do not promote a specific method or system, but provide managers with tools that can be applied effectively in a variety of situations. Managers will be able to improve on existing processes, establish new programs where needed, and successfully respond to changing business circumstances.

There is no better investment you can make in your business. FIT Seminars provide managers with training that will yield significant returns for your operation.

Our Approach
FIT Seminars deliver detailed training on topics relevant to a manager's responsibilities. Topics are in-depth, to give managers a strong understanding of industry tools and to learn how to practically apply them in their operations. The focus is on utilizing cost-effective methods to resolve todayís operational challenges.

How are we different

1. Smaller Classes
We limit registration so participants have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss issues.

2. Quality Trainers
Our trainers are experienced industry professionals with proven topic specific expertise.

3. Industry Specific
Every topic is delivered using examples, cases and problems specific to those encountered in the hospitality industry. It's relevant!

4. Focused
Detailed training on specific topics that can be applied in a variety of conditions, not just broad general theory.

5. Practical
All seminars have been designed to provide tools that can be implemented immediately in your operation.

6. Value
An investment in FIT Seminars will help you improve sales, costs and performance that can yield substantial financial returns.

7. Testing
A simple test ensures that participants have acquired a reasonable understanding of the topic, so that a FIT Seminars' certificate can distinguish individuals with proven knowledge. If participants donít pass the test, they can take the seminar again for free!

What you get

  • Access to industry experts in an intimate setting.
  • Practical tools and models to increase profit and improve performance in your operation.
  • A light lunch and beverages will be provided with all seminars.
  • A seminar certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the seminar test.
  • Referral service to industry experts.
  • Discounts for registering multiple employees are available.
  • All materials and worksheets.

Other Seminar Options
If you are looking for alternative training solutions, click here to review our customized training options.

"Very informative. (I got) A new drive to put things in place and to check all my existing systems to see what can be improved."
Ian Craig, Kitchen Manager, The Jeffery Restaurant Group